Why Tax Officers Protest against GST in India?


The Goods & Services Tax in the new tax system that replaces 17 indirect taxes with single GST tax. This tax is protected by expert tax officer’s that know and understand the tax positive and negative effect in long run. Everything has both positive and negative end itself. You should be aware both positive and negative effect to better understands GST in an easy way. Today this article provides detail information and cause of protesting this new tax system.

Expensive Tax System: It is very expensive to pay more tax to the government in name of GST. It will increase the tax from 12% to 18% that is very difficult to pay these high rates of taxes to the government. It is very difficult to tax system for the remote and rural area. It provides a panic situation in business man to understand new tax system in an easy way.

Slow Career Growth for Tax Officer: The GST is a fully online tax system that can provide slow career growth for tax officer. It will remove job opportunity for newcomer tax officers. It can easily manage all type of record in genuine ways that will remove the workload of Tax officers. It will affect many families of tax officer with no more jobs in tax departments.

Haste Decision: The governments took GST decision in haste. The government should provide proper training to businessman to understand the new tax reform in an easy way. The business cannot understand new technology reform at rapid speed. The government should prepare well infrastructure and education to a remote and rural businessman. It will increase competition in the local market by removing interstate taxes. GST remove 17 indirect tax and start this single tax that makes complex tax system so government should take effective steps to make easy tax system as per business requirements in this competitive world.

Revenue Distribution Issue: It is very complex to understand the revenue share of the different state in different ratio.  It becomes a difficult situation for the court to handle these types of cases.  It will increase the workload of court.  There are already number cases in court to handle in a proper way. The GST will increase the burden on the courts that are already burdened.

Less Education and Resources: The education ratio of India is very low. The government should take an easy step to increase the level of education in India.  The government should provide sufficient resources in the rural area that provide valuable information to understand easy tax system in India.  The expert can understand the difficulty of the new tax system. The government should focus on these points to provide effective tax system to the nation.

These are some important major points that provide sufficient information to understand the main reason tax officer protest against GST. You should have to informative to get the genuine reason of tax officers to protest against GST. There are a number of issues that government must include in GST. This article provides valuable information to understand the dark side of GST. The government should take steps to take long advantage with GST.