Top 5 Things SMEs Should Know about GST in India


Goods and Services Tax most popular text structure all over the world. The Indian government also started new GST tax structure from 1 July, 2017. This is the biggest economic reform after India’s Independence. This article provides valuable information regarding GST effect on small and medium Enterprise (SME) that is part and parcel of Indian economy. You should be very informative to understand GST effect on small and medium Enterprise in easy ways. Here is the list of tips and tricks that can provide valuable information in an easy way to understand the GST effect on small and medium enterprises.

  1. Easy to Start Small and Medium Enterprises: The new tax system GST will provide a simple process for small and medium Enterprise to start a business. This is unified tax system across all states that can transfer to tax credit buyer and seller at a physical location. It provides opportunity to come newcomer to start their small and medium enterprises. It is the best in class solution by reducing bureaucracy to start a new business.
  2. Eliminate Entry Tax at State Border: The GST remove all type of entry Tax at state border that can provide many positive benefit too small and medium Enterprise to get the national level platform for their product without paying any type of entry Tax at the state border. This is a good indication for small and medium enterprise the positive effect of GST India business growth. It is very beneficial tax system for small and medium enterprises to competition with quality and service that is a win-win situation for consumer and manufacturer both. It provides sufficient help to start new supply chain algorithm for a newer framework and minimize landed cost that is beneficial for businesses.
  3. Pay Your GST Tax on the Monthly or Annual Basis: It is very simple and profitable for small and medium enterprises. GST provide and clear destination between goods and service tax. GST requires every text paying entity in a genuine way and files your returns on the monthly or annual basis that is a suitable and time-saving process for small and medium enterprises. It is very systematically processed to file the return electronically that provide maximum profitable for you and your business. You get your return on proper time in this new text structure that is known as GST.
  4. No Excise Duty Payable for Special Turnover: this is the best opportunity for small and medium manufacturing that they have to pay GST tax according to your turnover. The turnover limit extended to 20 lakh. You have to information about special category state where the turnover limit is 10 lakh. It provides easy tax system to small and medium enterprises that is profitable for a newcomer to enhance their business in a professional way.
  5. Secure Credit for Small and Medium Enterprises: GST paying on proper time will reduce risk and helps small and medium Enterprise to secure their crediting. GST helps to make invoicing and data analytical for business more credible. It is very authentic and provides complete information about small and medium enterprise finance health on GST portal.